Art Shows & Events

Prānā is an environment and gallery where art is celebrated.

Prānā gives anyone who has a creative idea, project or venture, an outlet to showcase that work. Whether you are a painter, sculptor, photographer or have any other type of creative talent, Prānā exists to provide you with a means to share this beautiful expression. Bringing together visual arts, dance, music and more Divine Shakti Arts seeks to create a pure and sacred energy that everyone can channel deep into their being. We are all a spark of the creator and have been bestowed such beautiful gifts. Let us share this work, this art and this creativity with each other and the community. If you are an artist, musician, performer or have a creative idea you would like to share, please contact us. If you are an appreciator of artistic expression you are welcome to attend an event and saturate yourself in the sights and sounds our talent-rich community has to offer. Check our events for a list on what is coming up.

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