Michael McDonough began art at the age of three. Since then he has been on a dedicated journey of discovery through art. In 2003, through some spiritual experiences, he began to dedicate his art to higher consciousness and the depiction of the layers and realms of thereof. After high school, he went on to receive an associate and a bachelor’s degree in fine art from Rockland Community College, and then Suny New Paltz.

As of more recently, He opened up the Divine Shakti Center NY where he manages the spiritual programs and facilitates the interactions from spiritual teachers. He co-founded Divine Shakti Arts: an organization to bring divinity to earth through art and music, with his spiritual teacher Simran JI. At this point, from his perspective, he continues to be on an everlasting journey of becoming a pure instrument of the divine through art and life.


Artist Statement:

The true artists on this earth have a very mystical path they must take. In reality, this is the same process of the spiritual seeker. The artist must dive deep within and strive to release all barriers that block the pure creativity from manifesting through them. When one takes this journey to its highest potential, Love, Light, and Truth will be transmitted through all their creations and they will aid in the spiritual evolution of the planet. This indeed will restore art to its powerful purpose: to create an environment of divine experience.

“We are only striving for the fruits for which we are given”.