As you ascend, certain false states of happiness will recede from you. Either they will simply be drained out from you or life will present circumstances to you where you will be compelled to “let go”. As a result, you may find yourself feeling a bit dull or even depressed.

These false states of happiness are likely stemming from more superficial satisfactions such as receiving praise, having power, being respected, or receiving human love. But the key is to retain the knowledge or awareness that what is happening is that your “fuel type” is changing. At first, your original fuel starts to run low or even dries out. Though we must have faith that if we have a period of dryness, we instead welcome in a new sustaining fuel that awaits rather than sulk. This is where Faith would play a role.

The goal is to have your happiness be completely and exclusively sourced from the highest fuel. This is the fuel that has no dependency on pleasures, no dependency on fame, praise, or recognition, and no dependency on sensuality.
to live exclusively from THIS fuel indeed liberates one why? because this fuel has no connection with sensual or psychological satisfaction and therefore will sustain you regardless of one’s personal or collective circumstances. Truly this is freedom.

One can go about work in a pure state of equanimity. Their energy to create and maintain will not be compromised by the fleeting circumstances of the outer world. They pursue their called work with steadiness and persistence.